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New Launch Sure Make Money?

Part 1: 5 Reasons Why People Choose New Launch Over Resale

It’s a commonly asked question whether it is better to buy a new launch or a resale property. Especially with new launch prices escalating to a new high in the last 2 years, many buyers were caught in between and not sure on their choices.


In this new 7 part series of "New Launch Sure Make Money?", we will begin by breaking down the reasons why buyers are snapping up new launches even in this COVID period of uncertainty. If you are planning to buy an investment property but not sure what is your best option, feel free to contact us for a discussion.

Part 1: 5个原因为什么New Launch比Resale吃香

New Launch 一定赚钱吗? 谁讲的?

我们现在就来把这个问题分成7个小部分系列,让你对 New Launch 有更整体的理解。为了深入的探讨 New Launch 一定赚钱吗, 我们首先要知道为什么大家都爱买 New Launch.



Part 2: Why These Projects Are Near MRT But Lose Money

What is it about location that makes it so vital to a real estate investing? Can you buy a good location but not make any profit?

This episode, we will be debunking this myth that buying near MRT sure make profit. There are a total of 5 factors to look out for when buying a new launch, not just by location or whether it’s beside MRT. Remember, DO NOT BUY A PROPERTY unless you have an exit plan. 

Buying is easy, but your profits will only be materialised when you sell off your property. 

Part 2: 这些家靠近 MRT 为什么不赚钱?

地理位置对房地产投资为什么这么重要? 有没有可能你买一间地点很好的公寓可是不赚钱?


我们今天就来揭穿这个买在靠近 MRT 一定赚钱的说法。买在靠近 MRT 的公寓潜在回报的可能性是高,可是不是每一个买在靠近 MRT 的屋主都得到理想的回报。



Part 3: Why These Projects Are Not Near MRT But Make Money

When most people think of condos and potential for capital appreciation, what comes to mind are often right outside MRT, centrally-located properties. But this assumption is consistently being proven wrong by condos in less fancied locations.


In today’s episode, we will be showing you some properties that are not near to MRT but still make profits. Let’s go!

Part 4: Blocked View VS Unblocked View. Can a Blocked View Unit Make More Profit Than an Unblocked View Unit?

Part 5: Big Developments VS Small Developments. Which is a better investment? 

Part 6: Freehold VS Leasehold. Can Leasehold Profit More Than a Freehold Property?

Part 7: How to Spot a Worthy New Launch? 

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