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Jasen & Shiqi - Why Real Estate?

Hello! We are Jasen & Shiqi from PropNex Realty. Like any other parents out there, we wished we had more time and freedom to be with our children. As we all know, living standards in Singapore is pretty high, and being a parent means so much more than just spending time with your kids. We also need to bear the financial and emotional pressure that comes with having children. We worry about which schools should they enrol into, what enrichment classes they should attend, the food they eat, the clothes they wear and the environment they grow up in. Not forgetting that as we are building our own family, our parents are also getting older and need care and support from us. Many of our clients moved house to get a better chance at their desired school, or to be in close proximity to their elderly parents. And this is exactly why we, and many of our clients chose real estate.

We ourselves are real estate investors, and we firmly believe that real estate is the best traditional investment on Planet Earth today. However, just because you buy a piece of real estate doesn't mean you're going to make money. 

Big wealth is built through real estate investing by capitalising on something called "the four wealth generators of real estate." Alone, each of these benefits can help you make more money, but together they'll make you rich.

We are not the typical buy and sell agent you find everywhere that only wants to earn your commission. We are here to build a long term income generating assets with you. We do not bet on property appreciation. We advise clients to purchase properties based on sound judgement by a team of experts that the property will generate more income than it costs to own. 


We are here to teach you how to have more options, we are here to guide you to reach the financial freedom through real estate many Singaporeans dream of!


Jasen Tan

CEA Reg. No. R029332Z


Head (Sales Team)

Lead Home Tour Presenter


Shiqi Lim

CEA Reg. No. R042946I


Head (Media & Creative Strategy)

Lead Home Tour Presenter


The Jasen & Shiqi Team is committed to bringing  the best value and integrity to their Clients. Specialising in creative marketing methods, they aim to help sellers list and market their properties in a fun and creative way to bring out the best of the property. 

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