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What happens when our Owners engage us to sell their property?

1️⃣. First, we will understand their concerns and needs before advising what other better options do they have. After that we will go through the financial calculations to see if it is feasible and comfortable for them to sell and move on to the next property.
2️⃣. Other than competitive market analysis and knowing which other units are currently selling, we will also be drafting out a marketing proposal that is specially crafted for their best needs.
3️⃣. Depending on individual situation, we "home stage" the place to enhance viewing experience, and ensure that their unit will stand out from the rest of the competition.
4️⃣. We think of fun and creative ways to present their house. We take virtual tours for the unit so prospects can view the home at the comfort of their own house, at their own convenience.
5️⃣. We blast their unit through our exclusive Propnex App to close to 9000 agents in our company to see if any of them have a buyer to match.
6️⃣. We do online marketing, Facebook targeting, Google search engine optimization(SEO) to get the right buyers for the place. This significantly increases the viewership and exposure of the property as the advertisement appears right on the phones of prospective buyers. Hence, increasing the possibility of a better offer.
7️⃣. We negotiate at our best capability, the price that the Owners desire.
8️⃣. THE HOUSE IS SOLD. HASSLE-FREE. And it's time to move on to the next property!
Ring us up if you have any questions. 😊👍🏻
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Let's take a look at the lives of Mr. A, B & C.

Mr. A bought a 4 room HDB at $500K.
Assuming property prices remained stagnant and 30 years later, he sold his house at $500K and downgraded to a fully paid $350K 3 room HDB.
Mr. B bought an Executive Condo at $1M.
Assuming property prices remained stagnant and 30 years later, he sold his house at $1M and downgraded to a fully paid $350K 3 room HDB.
Mr. C saw the need to upgrade due to raising costs of living and inflation. He invested in a $2M private property.
30 years later, assuming prices remained stagnant and did not appreciate, he sold his house for $2M and downgraded to a fully paid $350K 3 room HDB and use $800K to purchase another condo for investment.

Who do you want to be? Mr. A, B or C?



People invest in property for dozens of different reasons. 


Take Mr. C for example, it has given him financial freedom and passive income. It allows him to do what he wants to do. It allows him to go wherever he wants to go. It has also lessen the burden of his children because they do not have to worry about his retirement while building their own family. 


It’s a humbling experience knowing that he is financially secure, that he can help his loved ones, and that he have the ability to live comfortably while retired.



That is the power of property investing! Call us now for a coffee session. No obligations, just pure sharing of ideas to see how we can help you achieved what Mr. C did!

How can you retire comfortably in Singapore?

HDB Series:

Why Customers Choose Us?

Any Real Estate Agent can help a Client buy or sell a property. That is what an Agent is suppose to do. But how many Agents out there can actually educate a Client into acquiring the right assets that generate constant passive income?


We are Jasen & Shiqi from Propnex. We regularly share with our Clients how to identify and develop REAL ASSETS, guiding them towards achieving the FINANCIAL FREEDOM that many dream of. 

Jasen & Shiqi have been handling my family's Real Estate matters for almost 10 years. Thanks to their sound guidance, I am able to upgrade from 1 HDB to currently owning 2 private properties!! 


They are very straightforward and honest with their advice, giving me data and statistics to support what they say. I have absolute trust in their ability to help anyone who wants to buy, sell or rent! They have also helped my sister and friends who have greatly benefitted from their superb service. Once again, thank you Jasen & Shiqi!


The Jasen & Shiqi Team is committed to bringing  the best value and integrity to their Clients. Specialising in creative marketing methods, they aim to help sellers list and market their properties in a fun and creative way to bring out the best of the property. 

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